Where does the parking zone apply?

There are two parkingssones in kåfjorddalen. The first zone applies for Skognes parking. This zone is marked by tariff group 8669.  The second parking zone applies from the start of Guolášveien to Huortnáš. If you buy a parking pass, it applies to all marked parkingareas in the zone, the tariff group is 8670. A map of the applicable area can you find here

All parking within the zone should be done according to the parking- and traffic signs of the area. Parking should be conducted in such a way that it does not hinder, inconvenience or disrupt other users. 

Is there a fee when using the EasyPark app?

Yes, EasyPark has their own user fee of 15%. You can read more about the different costs and fees on the EasyPark app.

Is there a fee if I would like to pay for a parking permit in person?

If you pay physically at the Town Hall, there is no additional fee. If you want to pay in person, you must remember to do this within the town hall's opening hours (08:00 - 14:00). When you have paid, you must fill in a form with the necessary information. This information is collected only for the purpose of contacting you in special cases. Once this has been done, you will be issued a parking permit. The parking permit is placed in the windscreen of the vehicle, and the onus is on yourself to ensure that the permit is visible for inspection.

If I’m using additional vehicles like a snowmobile or ATV, do I have to pay for parking?

Vehicles like ATV’s or snowmobiles must pay to use the parking zone just like a regular car. This does not count if the ATV/snowmobile is standing on a trailer, as long as that trailer is connected to a registered vehicle. In this case it’s the vehicle that the trailer is connected to that need to be registered as parked (in the app) or have a visible and valid permit in the windshield. The vehicle/trailer's license plate must be registered electronically before the driver leaves the vehicle. 

What if I’m using an ATV/Snowmobile to transport people, do I have to pay for parking?

Norwegian law dictates that Parking is defined as any provision of a vehicle, even if the driver does not leave the vehicle. Exceptions are the shortest possible stop for disembarking, boarding, or unloading of passengers. 

Do I have to pay the parking fee if I just want to go on a hike or a fishing trip?

If you park a vehicle in the designated parking zone you must pay. However, if you are on foot or bike, you do not have to pay for use of the parking zone. Norwegian law dictates that the use of nature is a common good that should be available for everyone. The common law gives travellers and users permission to use nature, no matter who owns the land. The right applies to everyone, both permanent residents and tourists. You can, among other things, go hiking, camping, fishing in lakes, pick berries and mushrooms. It is important to show extra consideration when there are many participants and travellers. It is also important that any transport, stay or harvesting does not affect landowners or residents. The right to use nature also applies to open fields. However, on private land it is important that we stay away from houses and cabins. Lastly, it is allowed to traverse over cultivated land in winter when the ground is frozen or covered in snow.